Latest App Update (30th August)

Version 4.5.0

Hello Teachers & Students! ????????
Teachmint App is improving a lot, thanks to your valuable feedback! We are super excited to announce new features below:

1. Live Polls:

Teachers can conduct quizzes and see student’s answers in live Classes.

Steps to Create Poll

Steps to Create Instant Polls

  • Step 1: Click on options to see Live Polls Options
  • Step 2: Click on Live Polls Button to start
  • Step 3: Set Time and Mark Answer and Launch
  • Results: Both Teachers & Students will see the Leaderboard when Poll ends

2. Private Chat:

Teachers and Students can now directly chat with each other

Click on Student icon to start private chat
Teacher Student 1-1 Private Chat

3. Hand Raise in Live Classes

Students can now raise hand to get Teacher’s attention.

Teachers can see complete list of student who raised hands.

Watch 30th July updates explained in Video

App Update (v 4.3.0)

1. Audio messages in Chat:

Teachers and Students can now record and send audio messages in Classroom Chat.

Record Audio by pressing Mic Icon
Both Teachers & Students can send Audio Messages

2. Raise Hand during Live Classes:

Students can raise hand to inform Teachers when they want to speak.

Create Multiple Folders
Click on + Button to Create Folder

3. ML MCQ Test:

Teachers and Students can now record and send audio messages in Classroom Chat.

4. Fixed App crashes in Study Material and other Bug Fixes.

Older App Update (26th July)

1. Type MCQ Test:

Teachers can now type their own questions and create MCQ tests.

2. Flexible Deadline in Test:

Teachers can set flexible deadlines for tests. Students can attempt tests anytime before the deadline.

3. Increased whiteboard pages support:

Teachers can add upto 25 pages in live class for longer sessions.

4. Student Profile Picture: :

Students can add their profile picture by visiting “Account Section” → “View Profile” → “Add Photo”

Watch 26th July updates explained in Video

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