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Active Learning Techniques

There has been a study shift observed towards active learning techniques in the last few years. Despite the concept having been discovered during the late 1970s and early 1980s, it’s been only in the last few years that the concept has gained popularity amongst the learning and teaching circles.

There are several research supporting claims that the benefits associated with active learning techniques have positive results to show. Most studies have identified an improvement in the thinking capability of the students along with better retention of information through the use of active learning techniques.

In this article we are going to learn more about active learning techniques and assess the benefits it has on the learning environment.

What is the meaning of Active Learning Techniques?

The concept of active learning is mostly Central to the idea of student development. Here the term indicates using active methods to induce a learning environment for the students that can lead to better understanding of the content.

In simple terms active learning techniques can be defined as a practice of discussion, review or even application that can help in exploring new concepts and solving challenges by working together in groups. Through the use of active learning techniques, it becomes easier for students to explore concepts and get a better understanding of the content.

Through the use of active learning techniques it becomes possible for teachers and students to engage in the learning process. This is mostly done through the use of 4 methods which are thinking, discussing, investigating and creating. In the classroom the use of active learning methods allows for students to practice different skills and solve complex questions through critical decision making.

The concept of active learning techniques are becoming an important part of the classroom curriculum because it allows students to be able to articulate their own ideas and opinions easily. This leads to better logical understanding of the concept, and improves their ability to generate their own perspective.

Best Active Learning Strategies

It is essential for teachers to find the perfect active learning strategy and implement it during class activities. This is because it will allow the learners to be able to be engaged in a deep thought process about the subject matter. It will also help in reducing the tendency of the students to only be passively involved in the class content given mostly on life lectures or recorded lectures.

The correct use of active learning strategies can help the students become active participants and the learning process. the immediate impact that it can have on the students includes:

  1. Taking the initiative to discuss the course topic by congregating and small groups.
  2. Taking time to reflect individually after the end of each classroom learning to think and ponder on the concept and assess what they have learnt.
  3. To look for questions and try finding the answers themselves from the class content being taught.
  4. Actively working through an application problem with the classmate before making an important presentation to the classroom or even asking.
  5. Participating in class presentation, group discussions and other such group projects.

Benefits of Active Learning Techniques

There are several benefits associated with the use of active learning methods. In the section we will be learning about a few of them.

1. Helps in the development of collaborative skills: Through the use of active learning methods collaboration becomes one of the major components and the classroom. It has the student understand the importance of collaborating with their classmates to work better and get different insights to a single problem.

2. Encourages the attitude of risk-taking: Active learning methods promote students to become braver when it comes to taking risks in solving problems. It allows them to shed their fear of being judged in the classroom and instead ask any questions that comes to their mind. In this way it becomes easier for them to clear their doubts.

3. Increases retention capability of students: One of the immediate benefits associated with active learning is that it makes it easy for the students to retain knowledge. This is because when students can critically understand a problem it improves the ability to keep that knowledge in mind for a longer period of time.
4. Helps the students make themselves more creative and intuitive: The benefit of active learning also is associated with improving the ability of the students to become innovative and creative. As the students are provided with an opportunity to solve Complex problems, it improves their ability to logically come to conclusions and as a result improve their creativity.

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