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If we had a penny for not following the timetable as planned each time, Jeff Bezos and Elon  Musk wouldn’t be the only person in this world with their own space agency. Let be honest and admit the fact that we all have made some “perfect” timetables in our life and stopped following them two days later. Apparently, we start to find them too difficult or “exhausting”  to follow. We all have found ourselves procrastinating on the important tasks and then stressing over them as we head towards their deadline. We all are guilty of practicing this habit. 

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If we talk about the importance of a proper timetable, we can say without any doubt, that it plays a significant role in a student’s academic journey. A proper timetable ensures that the student doesn’t miss his/ her classes and remains on the proper path according to the academic calendar keeping time in mind. It eliminates confusion about the subjects to be studied at a  given time and gives the students clarity about the subject they have to study in a particular time frame. 

Recently the covid-19 pandemic proved to be a hindrance in students’ academic paths and time table and teachers’ careers. In response to this obstruction, we became familiar with the concept of online teaching in India. There has been a noticeable transformation in the methods of teaching since last year. We are witnessing an uptrend in the number of online platforms as more and more online teaching apps and websites are emerging each day. But little has been done to help independent teachers who have either lost their job or were not associated with any school or these apps. How do they take classes with frequent lockdown in place? However, some people tried to help these teachers in difficult times by creating platforms where any teacher can take his/her classes with the help of a smartphone and the internet. Teachmint is one of the best apps to teach online that empowers these teachers in these difficult times. Platforms like these ensure that both students and teachers don’t get obstructed or deviated from their path and everything goes according to a predetermined academic timetable. 

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Timetable plays a vital role in a student’s growth and his/her overall personality development. Not only for students but also for teachers it is a pretty important aspect of their teaching philosophy and shows their approach towards the fulfillment of curriculum and students’ expectations. But despite being aware of its importance it is quite an understood fact that we are not mostly not able to make our timetable work the way we planned due to many reasons. But now when the world has become so competitive we can’t afford to be left behind. 

Let us discover how small amendments in our timetable can make us productive and increase our efficiency. 

• To begin with, you should make a proper plan considering your syllabus, tests, exams and other academic activities.

• Furthermore set practical and small targets. There is no point in setting unrealistic targets which are mostly left unaccomplished. Also, this leads to disappointment which affects your productivity. On the other hand, accomplishing practical targets will give you peace of mind and encourage you further. 

• In addition to this, write down the important task which you do daily like reading the newspaper and current affairs, and monitor the time you consume on them. Segregate the smaller tasks from the bigger ones and allot the time as required respectively. 

• Make perseverance a part of your habits. Develop good habits. Stay dedicated and committed to your goal even if you face difficulties. Try to remain consistent and strong even when life casts stones in your direction. 

• Try to focus on one subject or topic at a time. Though homework multitasking may sound cool and no doubt is the most sought quality right now, we suggest you don’t implement it while learning and leave it for later. Give proper attention to the particular subject or topic which you are supposed to study at that given time. Remove all distractions from your field of vision. 

• Keep it flexible. It is unpredictable what kind of challenges you might face while following your timetable. There might be some unexpected delays due to various reasons. Keep some spare time apart from the timetable so that you can utilize this time for the time lost. 

• Evaluate your performance regularly. Look for positive changes in your efficiency and effective results. Also, there is no such thing as a “perfect timetable”. Experiment with your timetable according to your changing requirement as time changes. 

With the hectic lifestyle that most people live these days, it’s important to know how to schedule your time well. Time is the one resource that nobody can buy yet, at one time or another, people use it ineffectively or waste it. A well-planned timetable helps you take control of your day from one hour to the next. It also helps you accomplish the academic goals you have in life, both big and small.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology