Teaching-Learning Material

Teaching-learning material (TLM) stands for instructional material. It is any material used by the teacher to enhance their teaching to be more comprehensive and effective in the classroom.

The teaching-learning material can be human or non-human resources. They can

also be animate and inanimate. Teaching-learning material can be easily bought or made by the teacher or student.

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The teaching-learning materials are usually divided into three types- 

  1. Audio Aids:  These aids help to learn by stimulating the auditory senses. It helps in learning language as it focuses on pronunciation. Small kids find it interactive if songs and music are involved with learning. Audio aids in teaching-learning materials help to memorize easier. Eg: cassettes and tape players, radio, tape-recorder.
  1. Visual Aids: These aids help to learn by stimulating the visual organs. Lines, patterns, colourful imagery, bright colours all contribute as visual aids. These are eye-catching in the literal sense and facilitate learning. Eg: globes, blackboards, maps, charts, etc.
  1. Audio-Visual Aids: These combine the audio and visual aids in one. They engage both the hearing and visual organs of the students to understand something effectively. They are highly attractive. Eg: LCD projector, television, computer, virtual classroom, etc.

The Teaching-learning material is a teaching aid provided to students by the teaching institution or bought by themselves.

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The major characteristics of a good learning material are:

  1. These learning materials should be appealing to the learners. Use of designs and different shades will make the TLM more appealing.
  2. Students must be able to use TLMs to learn new concepts and ideas.
  3. The content material should provide appropriate knowledge to students. They should feel that they are adding to their existing knowledge base through the learning material.

With the help of the learning materials, teachers are more attentive towards their job. As a result, it enhances the learning environment in the class.

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