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SSLC Full Form – Secondary School Leaving Certificate

SSLC means a certificate awarded to students after the completion of secondary education in India. After completion of secondary education, students become eligible to step into their desired streams in senior secondary classes. This certificate is issued for students after successfully completing the 10th board examination. Every student who appears and passes the examination receives the Secondary School Leaving Certificate and they are asked to submit it during the admission procedures of their higher education. After passing class 10th, students who have enrolled in the CBSE board will be awarded with this certificate. 

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Why is an SSLC certificate required? 

  • SSLC means a certificate that is used to get admission to colleges, and universities. 
  • SSLC certificate is also used if students wish to apply for educational scholarships. 
  • Used to apply for senior secondary education and other additional educational programs. 
  • Used during job applications in both the private and public sectors. 

The SSLC certificate would include information like the score that the student has secured during their board examination, the student’s date of birth, the names of their parents, address, etc. In some cases, Secondary School Leaving Certificates are used as identification cards for various purposes. Sometimes, colleges and universities do ask to submit this certificate for admission purposes. Therefore, it is an important document that an individual should take care of. 

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The marks that a student has achieved through his/her board exam will appear on this certificate. At the time of the admission process, higher secondary schools, colleges, or universities verify the scores of students with the help of these. Merit admissions are usually granted based on the marks that a student has obtained in his/her public examination. Therefore, the students are awarded admission after collecting this document. With the help of technology, now students can download the SSLC certificate online just with a few simple steps. Go to the official cbse website, and select the certificate link option. Type in the necessary details like roll number, birth date, and registration number. Now simply click on the download option and get your certificate printed. This is a very crucial document for students who want to continue their higher education so keep it safe and secure. 

In the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, etc., students who have finished the tenth grade typically obtain the Secondary School Leaving Certificate. The matriculation certificate is equivalent to the SSLC. The name of the certificate varies depending on the state; in some states, it is referred to as an HSC (Higher Secondary/Matriculation Certificate), while in others, it is referred to as an SSC (Secondary School Certificate).

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