Lesson Plan

Before teaching any unit, lecturers make a brief summary of that unit, which is known as a lesson plan. In this, teachers mention all the points that they are going to teach during the lesson. It is a structured way of keeping the record of the unit. The plan’s details may vary from teacher to teacher because everyone has their own way of teaching.

 Learning aims and objectives, goals to be achieved at the completion of the chapter, academic activities to be performed during that lesson, everything is mentioned in the plan. Lecturers are advised to make a lesson plan in more detail and keep it with them for the record. This enhances the teaching skills of a teacher, as they can make a better lesson plan for each new batch.

 During the plan preparation, resources, time scheduling, completion time, and classroom management can be done in advance. Furthermore, lecturers can prepare a questionnaire about the probable doubts that can be asked by the students, and their answers. The main agenda of making a plan is to prepare study material for teachers. This is beneficial in many terms for teachers as it will be easy for them to read in their language before they teach.

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