Lately, Games have become an incredible addition to our lifestyle, and this new inclusion has the potential to revolutionize the way students learn. Video games have become the favorite pastime for kids, and they spend several hours playing. The time they spend on video games is almost equal to the time they spend in school. These tiny statistics open the door for games in the educational system. Bringing Games to virtual classrooms is called gamification. This concept is all set to gain popularity, as students are curious to participate actively when it is implemented. Now, every kid has probably played video games, and this makes it easier to understand the basic rules.

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The internet gives you the power to learn everything from the comfort of your home. Schools have to attempt different strategies to provide experiences that students can acquire at home. The games will motivate students to learn, and it will also increase their curiosity to try more, despite losing. 

Many educators and researchers have experimented with this concept, which resulted in positive outcomes. Several methods have been used to gamify education. A professor in a renowned university uses gamification in grading, and the results have been successful. As the outcomes, like submitting the assignments are rewarded, students attain a level of satisfaction. 

Similarly, the students are awarded badges, educational technology like video games are included in the curriculum, and more ways have been found to employ Gamification technology to help students learn effectively. The concept has also earned criticism, as it utilizes awards to encourage students. Critics quote that earning a reward just by performing a task, without actually understanding that particular skill, has no meaning. While that might be a fact, it can encourage learners to get motivated and improve the adaptive learning experience.

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