Dean is an academic leader who is in charge of the academic, programmatic, managerial, and financial activities of a university. Deans are in charge of student recruitment, admission, and academic development, as well as quality assurance and academic integrity monitoring. They’re responsible for doing ethical research and cultivating and maintaining a compliance and integrity culture among faculty, staff, and students. They provide local guidance and resources for the education, training, and enforcement of federal, state, and municipal rules, as well as university and sponsoring agency policies and procedures. Ensures that the school manages sponsored research and related activities by federal standards, university policy, and sponsoring agency processes by providing guidance, resources, and oversight. Provides direction, resources, and monitoring to ensure that all key workers meet their education and annual training obligations by federal regulations, as well as the institution’s and sponsoring agency’s rules and procedures. The Dean has to manage everything going on in the educational institute. Becoming a dean is a big achievement and it requires a lot of hard work. All the students and teachers should work according to the orders. 

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