Y-axis is one of the axes in a two or three dimensional graph. It is the vertical line or axis in a Cartesian coordinate plane. In a graph, the dependent points or variables are only placed along the y-axis. The y-axis is the effect caused… Read More »Y-Axis


A yearbook is an annual publication, published by an educational institution to commemorate records and highlights of the previous year. All the events, festivals, achievements are mentioned with photographs and related information. A yearbook gives a clear and detailed snapshot of the past academic year… Read More »Yearbook

Year-Round Education

Year-round education is a concept that makes students attend school/ college for all twelve months in a year. Under this, the traditional three-two months summer holidays are swapped for shorter pre-planned breaks throughout the year.  A typical year-round calendar works on the 45:15 ratio system.… Read More »Year-Round Education