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Year-Round Education

Year-round education is a concept that makes students attend school/ college for all twelve months in a year. Under this, the traditional three-two months summer holidays are swapped for shorter pre-planned breaks throughout the year.

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 A typical year-round calendar works on the 45:15 ratio system. Wherein, the students are required to attend school/college for a minimum of 45 days and get 15 days to break. The students do not receive traditional Thanksgiving, summer, Christmas, and such breaks, but are instead allowed shorter and more frequent breaks throughout the year. 

Year-round education seems to have many benefits to both the primary teachers as well as the students. Teachers get more time to plan their syllabus and class activity without wasting time in reteaching the content they taught before the break. And the students get more time to reset their minds and plan for their breaks every season. This makes their academic preparation less stressful.  

Surprisingly, the parents claim to be benefited by this year-round as they can plan holidays in the offseason as per their work and save money on bookings.

However, some summer leisure businesses like theme parks, amusement parks, and resorts oppose this year-round education calendar as they suffer a loss if the students and their families do not take holidays and stay at their place.

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