Youth Festival

A youth festival is generally a themed event that has a variety of activities for the students in a school. Common festival themes include

Some festivals require applications and auditions for participation and/or performance. Large events are typically held in conference centers, outdoor areas, or schools.

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Many youth festivals are hosted on an annual basis by schools, but they are also conducted by art programs and religious organizations in national, international, o just local locations. Youth festivals are generally theme-based, focusing on the arts, academics, games, or social topics.

A youth festival is generally conducted within a school to facilitate healthy competition among the students and to bring out the best in their capabilities with respect to their extracurricular activities. They are also commonly conducted house-wise, i.e. the entire school is divided into 4 houses denoted by different colours, usually red, blue, green, and yellow. The students are usually divided into these houses and made to compete against one another so that the best athletes and artists compete against one another and hence the best out of them can be expected. Youth festivals are a way for students to bring out the best in them and excel at their extracurricular activities, it is an opportunity for them to showcase their talent in full respledence and grandeur. 

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