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Y-axis is one of the axes in a two or three dimensional graph. It is the vertical line or axis in a Cartesian coordinate plane. In a graph, the dependent points or variables are only placed along the y-axis. The y-axis is the effect caused by the independent variables on x-axis. It also implies how a certain variable on the y-axis goes far horizontally from 0. 

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Y-axis is the line that is drawn vertically from the point o to the top. The axis can be plotted when the variables stated along the axis are drawn through perpendicular lines. These perpendicular lines can form implications on the basis of the relationship with the variables of the x-axis. The numbers or variables placed on the y-axis are known as the y-coordinates. In parentheses, y coordinates are written after the x-axis coordinates like: (x,y). Teachers use various teaching aids to convey the discussed concept.

The use of axes like y and x-axis is pretty common in maths, statistics, liberal arts, trigonometry, and science. The coordinates are not just restricted to the academic disciplines, but are also used widely in the presentation of information, like the analysis of profits, year-on-year growth, total consumption, etc is represented firmly with the help of graphs with x-axis and y. 

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