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A yearbook is an annual publication, published by an educational institution to commemorate records and highlights of the previous year. All the events, festivals, achievements are mentioned with photographs and related information.

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A yearbook gives a clear and detailed snapshot of the past academic year for the students. It acts as a physical reminder of the previous academic year.

A yearbook typically consists of messages and addresses from the higher level of authority, faculty, school administrators, and teachers, pages for academic achievements, awards earned by both students and faculty, student and class portraits, graduating class content, information and photographs about the various clubs and committees, events and festivals organized at the institution, editorial pages, some advertising pages from local businesses and such.

Mostly, a yearbook follows a particular theme pre-decided by the ones responsible for planning a lesson the book. The pages and content are edited and placed to be more eye-catching and refreshing.

 A yearbook holds a lot of importance, especially to the graduating class as it serves as a ‘memory book’.

These days, however, publishing of physical yearbooks is decreasing tremendously as most of the content is already uploaded on the social media and online websites of the educational institutions.

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