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T Square

A T Square is an instrument that is used for technical drawing. It is primarily used by people who do technical drafting as a guide for drawing horizontal lines on the surface of a drafting table. It may also be used as a guide or… Read More »T Square

Train of Thought

Train of thought is a term used to describe a slew of thoughts that suddenly rushes into the mind of a person. They may get engrossed in it for hours on end, trailing off on the deep end without any specific reason or idea as… Read More »Train of Thought

Types of Preposition

Before getting into what types of preposition there are, here is some info regarding what a preposition is. A preposition is a word that indicates a relationship between a noun with other words of a sentence. They explain the relationships of space, logic, and sequence… Read More »Types of Preposition

Translation Studies

Translation studies is an interdisciplinary stream dealing with the theory and practicality of translation and interpreting languages. Moreover, it also deals with the localization of the subjects. It borrows various components from various subjects like comparative literature, computer science, history, linguistics, philology, terminology, and semiotics.… Read More »Translation Studies


A typewriter is an electromechanical or mechanical machine for typing characters. Generally, a typewriter has an array of keys, each one causing a different single character to be produced on paper when the key strikes an inked ribbon selectively against the paper with a type… Read More »Typewriter


Typography is the art of arranging type for the purpose of making written language legible, appealing, and readable when displayed. The arrangement of type involves selecting typefaces, line lengths, point sizes, letter spacing, and line spacing, as well as adjusting the space between pairs of… Read More »Typography

Technical Communication

Technical communication is a method of communication employed to convey engineering, scientific or other technical information. Individuals with varied professional credentials and in a variety of contexts engage in technical communication. Individuals who are designated with the task of relaying technical information are known as… Read More »Technical Communication

Test Statistic

A test statistic is one that is used in the process of statistical hypothesis testing. A hypothesis test is generally specified with respect to a test statistic and is considered as a numerical summary of a set that produces the data to a singular value… Read More »Test Statistic

Technical Drawing

Technical drawing, also known as technical drafting or drawing, is the discipline of composing drawings that communicate how something functions in a visual sense. A technical drawing is vital for communicating ideas in engineering and industry. To make the drawings easier to understand, people make… Read More »Technical Drawing

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