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Types of Preposition

Before getting into what types of preposition there are, here is some info regarding what a preposition is. A preposition is a word that indicates a relationship between a noun with other words of a sentence. They explain the relationships of space, logic, and sequence between the subject and object of the sentence, as well as the rest of the sentence. They help understand order, positions, and time connections.

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Here are a few interesting linguistic facts related to prepositions:

  • First and foremost, the most important thing to note about prepositions is that they are a closed class of words. This means that no new preposition will ever be added to the language ever again unless we fundamentally change the way we use language. The English Language uses a fixed set of prepositions.
  • Prepositions do not have any multiple forms. They cannot be possessive, inflection, plural, or anything else.
  • Most of the prepositions we see and use today have many different contextual and natural uses. 
  • Prepositions can sometimes also works as adjectives, adverbs, and even as nouns.
  • Prepositions can be of more than one word. Prepositions having two or more words are known as phrasal prepositions.

Given below are some of the different types of preposition used in everyday life:

  • Simple Preposition
  • Double Preposition
  • Compound Preposition
  • Participle Preposition
  • Disguised Preposition
  • Detached Preposition
  • Prepositions of Time
  • Prepositions of Place and Direction
  • Prepositions of Agents or Things
  • Phrasal Prepositions

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