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T Square

A T Square is an instrument that is used for technical drawing. It is primarily used by people who do technical drafting as a guide for drawing horizontal lines on the surface of a drafting table. It may also be used as a guide or even a set square to draw vertical or diagonal lines. Its name is derived from its resemblance to the letter T. A T square comes in varying sizes, the common lengths among them being:

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  • 18 inches which translates to 4.6 cm
  • 24 inches which translates to 6.1 cm
  • 30 inches which translates to 7.6 cm 
  • 36 inches which translates to 9.1 cm 
  • 42 inches which correspond to 11 cm.

An important application of a T square is when they are used to measure and cut drywall. Drywall T squares are generally made of aluminum for easy maneuverability and often have a 48-inch-long tongue. Higher-end table saws often come equipped with a T square fence for accurate measurement. These table saw fences are often attached to a rail only on the front side of the table. They are not like traditional fences that clamp to both the front and the rear of the table. A T square has two components:

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  • The long shaft referred to as the “blade”
  • The short shaft known as the “stock” or “head”

The T square generally has a transparent edge that is made of plastic which needs to be free of nicks and cracks to provide smooth, straight lines. It can be used to draw any straight line without a ruler.

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