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Train of Thought

Train of thought is a term used to describe a slew of thoughts that suddenly rushes into the mind of a person. They may get engrossed in it for hours on end, trailing off on the deep end without any specific reason or idea as to why they are doing so. 

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A train of thought is characterized by an interlinked chain of thoughts that seem to sequentially align themselves into the mind of an individual without their conscious awareness. A person who is in this state of mind can often be seen being lost in thought and drifting off, staring into space with no objective. Such a state of mind is often reached when an individual is aimless in their pursuit of a goal or because they are engrossed in their own internal world. A train of thought can be broken when the person either physically realizes that they have spent an awful lot of time doing so, or by assisting in the same by knocking them out of it. 

Being lost in a train of thought can lead to procrastination, overthinking, and eventually leading to lesser and lesser work productivity. This can be dealt with only by breaking free of the thought process, hence alleviating oneself of this procrastination mindset. 

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