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Translation Studies

Translation studies is an interdisciplinary stream dealing with the theory and practicality of translation and interpreting languages. Moreover, it also deals with the localization of the subjects. It borrows various components from various subjects like comparative literature, computer science, history, linguistics, philology, terminology, and semiotics. This term was first coined and used by American scholar, James S. Holmes. Many scholars also use the term translatology to to refer to translation studies. Likewise, the French term to describe this terminology is ‘tranductologie.’ 

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Earlier, translation studies was used to tell translators how they can translate a particular literature. Many schools of thought gave their opinion on this subject and framed different concepts about the same. Some school of thoughts on this subject are:

  • Equivalence

During the 1950s to 1960s, the school of thought treated translation studies as a subject to attain equivalence. However, the term equivalence had two meanings according to different literatures. For example, in Russian literature this term meant one-to-one correspondence between linguistic forms. On contrary, this subject was concerned with the attainment of equal function value in the French literature. 

  • Descriptive translation studies

This school of thought builds an empirical descriptive discipline in order to fill one section of the Holmes map. 

Another important theory that defined the workings of this interdisciplinary stream is the skopos theory. Students’ college interview can choose this interdisciplinary stream to build a successful career. They can choose their career path after understanding the scope of this subject. To learn more about the subject, students can look for various resources online and offline.

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