Secondary Research

Secondary research involves the collation or summary and the subsequent synthesis of existing research. It differs from primary research in that the latter involves the generation of data, while the former makes use of primary research sources as a point of data for the purpose… Read More »Secondary Research

Scribe Meaning

Scribe Meaning Scribe meaning is something that is quite often searched for in the context of education. A scribe in an exam is a person who writes a student’s examination for them if they are visually impaired. In some instances, the word ‘amanuensis’ is used… Read More »Scribe Meaning

Scouting Meaning

Scouting Meaning Scouting meaning the Scout Movement is an international youth movement that employs the Scout method. It is a program of informal education that emphasizes practical outdoor activities, which include Camping Woodcraft Aquatics Hiking Backpacking, and  Sports Another widely recognized movement characteristic is the… Read More »Scouting Meaning

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis refers to investigating trends, relationships, and patterns using quantitative data. It is quite an important research tool used by governments, businesses, and other organizations. Statistical analysis is a method of using numbers to try to remove any biases that may have occurred when… Read More »Statistical Analysis

Social Inclusion

Social inclusion in school is defined as a phenomenon where all students feel valued, their differences are recognized and respected, and their basic needs are met so they can live in harmony with one another and in dignity. A socially inclusive school is one in… Read More »Social Inclusion

SBI PO Syllabus

The SBI PO syllabus is similar to the syllabus of other bank exams. It contains different sections on logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, and the English language. Students need to attempt the questions within the given time frame. The SBI PO exam is conducted in two… Read More »SBI PO Syllabus

Student Portfolio

Student portfolios are a true assessment tool with a plethora of different applications in the classroom. Student portfolios could be your new secret weapon for tracking development for special education kids, presenting parents with a more open look at their child’s successes, and helping students… Read More »Student Portfolio


A semaphore is the use of a particular apparatus for the creation of a visual signal transmitted over distance. It is usually can be performed with flags, but it can also be done with: Fire Lights Sunlight Moving arms However, when teaching semaphore, it mainly… Read More »Semaphore

School Drama

A school drama can be defined as any drama that involves students studying at school. It can be for school annual day, interschool festivals, or for inter-house competitions within the school. It is simply a drama that has school students enacting the roles of the… Read More »School Drama


Subvocalization is the process of saying words in your head as if you are reading them. The majority of people read by subvocalizing, but some people have learned to do it without thinking about it. However, a person who has never done this before can’t… Read More »Subvocalization