Software as a Service, or SaaS, is a cloud-based service in which you access an application via an internet browser rather than downloading software on your desktop PC or office network to operate and update. The software application could be anything from office software to… Read More »SaaS

Science fair

A science fair is typically a competitive exhibition of science projects usually prepared and presented by schoolchildren. It is hosted by schools worldwide.  A science fair or exhibition’s distinguishing feature is that project entrants use the scientific method to test a hypothesis. Science fairs aren’t… Read More »Science fair


सर्वनामसर्वनाम is one of the most searched words on the internet, a lot of people ask about the meaning of सर्वनाम. सर्वनाम is the Hindi word for pronouns. Pronoun is a grammatical concept that helps people in having a better understanding of the English language.… Read More »सर्वनाम

Sample Papers

Sample PapersWhat are sample papers and how are they beneficial for the students? Are there any benefit of practicing the sample papers? These are a few frequently asked questions by the parents as well as students, especially the students who have to appear for any… Read More »Sample Papers


Semester When a student is in high school or college, the noun semester comes up frequently. It’s a simple method of splitting the academic year into two halves or semesters. Sometimes a class lasts the entire year, while other times it only lasts a semester. Sometimes,… Read More »Semester

7th Pay Commission

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sanctioned the formation of the 7th Pay Commission on September 25, 2013, according to then-Finance Minister P Chidambaram. Its recommendations are expected to be adopted on January 1, 2016. Teachers are chosen based on their credentials and expertise. After that, there… Read More »7th Pay Commission


संज्ञा What is ‘संज्ञा’ or ‘संज्ञा किसे कहते हैं’ are a few most asked questions on the internet. Here we will understand the meaning of ‘संज्ञा’ and the various types of it. It is the Hindi word for ‘Noun’. The meaning of noun according to… Read More »संज्ञा

Supervised Learning

In such kind of learning, there is a presence of a supervisor who is also an instructor. It is often known as supervised machine learning, is artificial intelligence and machine learning subcategory. Its use of labeled datasets to train algorithms that accurately classify data or predict… Read More »Supervised Learning