Skill of Blackboard Writing

The skill of blackboard writing is a skill that every teacher ought to acquire. In a traditional learning environment, blackboards play a major role in a classroom. Students take down notes or important points written by the teacher on the blackboard. The skill of blackboard writing is one of the skills in microteaching methodology. 

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The blackboard is used to give clarity about the topic that is being taught in the class and it gives a visual representation to the students. Using a blackboard in a useful manner would make it easier for the students to grasp the topic discussed in the class. The main points of a topic, charts, graphs, tables, calculations, etc can be represented on the blackboard. 

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When used effectively, the blackboard can draw the attention of the students in the classroom and add interest to the lectures. The microteaching methodology’s blackboard writing skill has eight components, and they are as follows:

  • Legibility
  • Size and alignment
  • Highlighting the main points
  • Utilization of space
  • Blackboard summary
  • Correctness
  • Position of a teacher
  • Eye contact with pupils

Teachers have to keep these components in mind while writing on a blackboard. They have to ensure that the letters are visible to all the students in the classroom. Moreover, teachers should make sure that they only write the key points on the blackboard and that it is of a size legible to every student in the class. Also, they should highlight the important points by underlining them or writing them with different colours of chalks. Also, they shouldn’t stand in a way that covers the information written on the blackboard making it difficult for the students to read them. 

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