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Skill of Blackboard Writing

The skill of  blackboard writing refers to the ability of any teacher to write on traditional blackboards to better explain any particular concept to the students.

The skill of blackboard writing is a blackboard skill that every teacher ought to acquire. In a traditional learning environment, blackboards play a major role in a classroom. Students take down notes or important points written by the teacher on the blackboard. The blackboard skills of writing are one of the skills in microteaching methodology. 

The skill of blackboard writing is considered to be an essential part of the school curriculum. This is because through the help of the blackboard it becomes possible for teachers to provide better understanding regarding a topic to the students. At the same time it also makes it easier for the students to grasp the topic at hand, when simultaneously being taught verbally and by using the blackboard.

Generally the major points of any particular topic is outlined through the help of this blackboard skill, by writing it down in the form of charts, graphs and calculations and directly representing it on the blackboard. 

It is important to highlight that the skill of blackboard writing, requires for a teacher to bring clearness in perception for the students. This is because only through the correct use of blackboard skill will it be possible for the Teachers to display notes and diagrams during a lesson that is legible and can be understood.

Is very important for teachers to make sure that the notes that they are writing on the blackboard is legible for the students. Often it has been found that teachers start outlining diagrams or writing on blackboard, and in their haste, the writing becomes difficult to understand. In such a situation, the students will not be able to gain a better perspective of water the teacher is trying to state. As a result, the maintenance of legibility is one of the most important aspects of the skill of blackboard writing.

Besides the maintenance of legibility, it also becomes important for the teacher to take into consideration the size and alignment along with the utilisation of space correctly. 

The consideration given towards size and alignment is important to understand because in a class of many students, If the size of writing is small it will become difficult for the students at the back to understand what is being written. In such situations, the chances of the students not understanding the topic correctly increases.

At the same time regarding the utilization of space, it is considered to be important because it helps the student understand when a sentence is ending. It is these aspects that need to be provided with due consideration when conducting blackboard writing.

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The blackboard skills are used to give clarity about the topic that is being taught in the class and it gives a visual representation to the students. Using a blackboard in a useful manner would make it easier for the students to grasp the topic discussed in the class. The main points of a topic, charts, graphs, tables, calculations, etc can be represented on the blackboard. 

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When used effectively, the blackboard skills can draw the attention of the students in the classroom and add interest to the lectures. The micro-teaching methodology’s blackboard skills of writing has eight components, and they are as follows:

Legibility means that the words written on the blackboard must be clear, with adequate space, and visible properly. The writing must be easy to understand to avoid confusion between the students. 

Size and alignment The size and alignment should be in a way that is visible to the students sitting in the last row. It should be big enough to be seen and read without difficulty. 

Highlighting the main points Highlighting the key points is important as it helps in grabbing students’ attention and also makes the content attractive to read. 

Utilization of space Only the important and main points must be written on the blackboard. Proper utilization of blackboard space must be done to make the notes look tidy. 

Blackboard summary After the completion of a lesson, a summary of the main points must be stated. This will help the students to recollect all the important information taught in the lesson. 

Correctness The content written on the blackboard must be grammatically correct. It should be written in proper punctuation with the use of proper English. 

Position of a teacher The position of the teacher should be adequately correct so that the board is visible to the learners. The teacher shouldn’t stand in the center of the board. 

Eye contact with pupils Maintaining eye contact with the students is important to make them engaged in learning and help them concentrate. 

Teachers have to keep these components in mind while writing on a blackboard. They have to ensure that the letters are visible to all the students in the classroom. Moreover, teachers should make sure that they only write the key points on the blackboard and that it is of a size legible to every student in the class. Also, they should highlight the important points by underlining them or writing them with different colors of chalk. Also, they shouldn’t stand in a way that covers the information written on the blackboard making it difficult for the students to read them. 

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