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The full form of SHS is School Health Services. School health services provide preventative and support services to the students in an educational institution. They are an essential part of every school to ensure the mental and physical health of students in an organization. The main objective of the SHS is to ensure student success. 

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SHS keeps students safe on the school premises. They provide health advice to students and attend to them when they get injured or fall ill. They are a crucial part of schools as medical emergencies can occur at any time while students are on the school premises.

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SHS also spread awareness among students about the various health issues and how students can overcome them. Moreover, they provide awareness to teachers about the importance of the mental health of students and the precautions and measures they can take to maintain a healthy learning environment in classrooms.

School health services contribute significantly to children’s academic success by assisting schools in creating a healthy environment in which students can learn, grow, and thrive. In order to prepare for their exams in the best possible way, they also assist students in managing stress and overcoming their fears. SHS are essential in schools in order to guarantee student progress. The School Health services provide for the students’ proper mental and physical health, which is necessary for them to perform well in school. SHS provide services with the help of experts like doctors, nurses and school counsellors to maintain the health of students in the school. 

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