Student Achievement

Student achievement is a term that refers to the measurement of a student’s overall academic achievement and learning over a particular period of time. The tutor/teacher determines the level of student achievement.  It can vary in different settings, such as classroom activities, creative thinking, classwork… Read More »Student Achievement


STEM represents Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. The concept of STEM is to blend all four subjects and create a flexible learning method instead of teaching them separately, as they are interconnected.  Science is an important channel of knowledge that helps us form the world… Read More »STEM


STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. STEAM is an extension of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, which adds arts into the existing education system.  STEAM education is an innovative learning method that helps students focus more on developing life skills… Read More »STEAM

Standardized Test

A standardized test refers to a test that follows the same pattern and is uniformly given to each student. The main aim of standardized tests is to ensure uniformity at every level. Thus, making the test preparation easy. A standard test allows easy comparison of… Read More »Standardized Test


The word SCORM is the short form of the Sharable Content Object Reference Model. It is a way of constructing a Learning Management System (LMS) and training content. Sharable content object means the material for training is created online and later shared across systems. It… Read More »SCORM

Scientific Inquiry

Scientific inquiry refers to the research and study that scientists carry out. They perform all the research and gather evidence to prove/disprove the theory in question. The results derived from their research are made public so that others can study about that subject and know… Read More »Scientific Inquiry

School Principal

In any school, elementary, middle, or high, the highest position in the administration is the school principal. Usually, the school principal reports to the school superintendent. In big schools, he/ she can also report to the associate superintendent or superintendent’s designee.  In some private schools,… Read More »School Principal


The word scholastic refers to or is concerned with learning and school.  When there is a discussion about the same, people talk about test marks and grades. If you are explaining to someone about your challenges, you are telling them about the subjects you find… Read More »Scholastic


Service-learning refers to an education method in which learning happens in combination with providing service to society. This is a learning experience while doing work for society. Students are a part of service-learning. They apply the classroom knowledge in the service projects. They work with… Read More »Service-Learning

Senior Lecturer

A senior lecturer is a person who has contributed to the development and teaching in their department.  It is the position of a faculty in universities or similar institutions. It is an academic position. They have responsibilities like course administration, assessments, and at the time… Read More »Senior Lecturer