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Student Learning Objectives

SLO, also known as student learning objectives are the set of goals that a teacher creates for the student. SLOs are a brief statement that a student needs to achieve or is expected to learn by the end of the course or year.

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The teachers collect all the data about the students and their learning habits over time and use them as a basis to form long-term academic goals. These student learning objectives are used as an assessment tool to measure the performance or impact of a teacher on student achievement and their performance. The SLO is developed between the teacher and principal.

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There are many advantages to setting student learning objectives. They help students to focus on learning and promote teacher-student collaboration.

The SLOs include the following items:

  • Academic goals
  • Assessment
  • Characteristics of the learners
  • Instructional strategies
  • Measurement of the growth of a student over some time.

Some special forms and templates are used to formalize and capture the process. It is a simple process. As you work more on details, it becomes slightly difficult. SLOs can vary depending on the requirements, goals, length of time, etc. A typical course has around four to five objectives that focus on learning.

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