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Set is the collection or group of numbers or objects. It is the entity in itself, represented by italicized, uppercase, and boldface letters like X, Y, S, Z.  

The components of a set are the elements or members of the same. You can understand this with examples like all the computers in the world, sets of whole numbers, sets of natural numbers, etc.

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If you are listing down all the elements of a set, it is necessary to enclose the list with curly brackets. Let us suppose there is a set H and has all the numbers between 2 to 7, excluding both the numbers. Here’s how to represent it-

H = {3, 4, 5, 6}

In sets, there can be many elements starting from none. One that does not have any element in it is known as an empty or null set. 

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There are different types of sets like universal, finite, infinite, proper, empty or null, subset, etc. These sets are represented by different symbols. To show the relationship between or among these sets there is a different type of drawing, called Venn diagram. It is a visual representation that helps understand relationships between different data sets.  It comes under mathematical reasoning. Teachers use various teaching methods to convey the specifics to students.

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