Online Teaching

Online teaching is the process of educating others on virtual platforms. This type of teaching involves live classes, video conferencing, webinars, and other online tools. The online applications are developed and designed to facilitate easy learning and better understanding.  The advancement in technology has improved… Read More »Online Teaching

Online Teacher App

Online teacher app is the digital platform of the twenty-first-century learning methodology. The teaching apps help share video, audio, presentations, and soft copies of any subject.  Online teacher app allows online teachers to start teaching everyone without any location problem. The new versions of the… Read More »Online Teacher App

Online Teacher

Online teachers refer to all those instructors, tutors, or teachers who use online technology to teach and interact with their students. An online teacher can also be called distance instructors, remote teachers, or an online tutor.  The online teachers teach in virtual classrooms with the… Read More »Online Teacher

Online Lecture

Lectures delivered in virtual mode are known as online lectures. The modern-day distance learning education system has changed the modes of taking lectures. Students join the online classrooms and connect with their respective faculties virtually. Online lecture has become an important part of education. Online lectures… Read More »Online Lecture

Online Learning App

The online applications for academic purposes are called online learning app. Such applications make use of an internet connection. An Online learning app can be accessed from a smartphone. It is a technology-based study tool that enables information sharing. It is commonly known as mobile… Read More »Online Learning App

Online Learning

The education that takes place online or over the internet is called online learning. Another name for online learning is e-learning. It is the type of education that requires computers, laptops, or smartphones, and a high-speed internet connection. Online learning is also used in schools… Read More »Online Learning

Online Education

The education that is provided online or over the internet is called online education. This type of education is also called e-learning. Online education uses technology to provide education to students. It is done with computers, laptops, or smartphones, and with a high-speed internet connection.… Read More »Online Education

Online Classrooms

The classrooms that are conducted in the online space are called online classrooms. They include classes like academics, music, dance, etc. These make use of the internet to organise a course study. The structure of an online classroom is similar to a physical class in… Read More »Online Classrooms

Online Classroom Setup

Online Classroom Setup is the method of arranging tools and resources for educating students in the virtual space. It uses technology like a webcam, computer, fast speed internet, and some software. Teachers can use a lot of teaching techniques in the online setup. Online classroom… Read More »Online Classroom Setup