Online Teaching Job

Online teaching job is currently the best profession. Many universities provide quality e-education and teaching practices. Online courses are also available for professional scholars to provide teaching tips and tricks. Moreover, the teaching profession is something intangible. To attain perfection in teaching, one requires practice… Read More »Online Teaching Job

Online Teaching Apps

Online Teaching Apps can be defined as the technology used via the internet by teachers to communicate and present information to the students in an easily accessible manner. The advancement of technology over the years has been commendable. App for teaching online brings ease and effortlessness… Read More »Online Teaching Apps

Online Classes

Online Classes are a combination of video recordings and live lectures with course reading and tests. They are generally conducted using a virtual portal through which students gather reading materials, interact with teachers and classmates, view grades, and monitor progress. In general, many online classes… Read More »Online Classes


OER (Online Educational Resources) refers to free resources available on the internet, which can be used for educational and research purposes. These are digital resources which usually include books, course readings, and other educational content such as quizzes, simulation, and games.  Online Educational Resources have… Read More »OER

Object-Based Learning

Object-Based Learning (OBL) is a different kind of learning process that includes the usage of digital depictions, artworks, and archival materials of unique objects. This student-centered academic approach takes education to the next level resulting in deep learning. Usually, Object-Based Learning (OBL) is held at… Read More »Object-Based Learning

Out of Field Teaching

Out-of-field teaching is an approach under which tutors are assigned to teach the subjects they did not qualify in. It affects student learning in a pessimistic way in case of poor management.  This is usually seen due to the rigid staff development when there is… Read More »Out of Field Teaching

Opportunity Gap

The opportunity gap is a term that tells us about the difference in backdrops among individuals and lack of opportunities to some due to it. It may be based on various aspects such as economic background, social setbacks, community, creed, and many more. This disables… Read More »Opportunity Gap

Open Classroom

An open classroom is a space with large groups of students with different skills. Several educators are available to teach them. The concept of student-centered learning has become the ideal way of learning to allow better learning methodologies. When not managed properly, open classrooms can… Read More »Open Classroom

Online Whiteboard

The online whiteboard is the pictorial whiteboard that enables a virtual learning environment through collaborative classroom development. It helps in the thorough practice of graphics-based learning principles through visualization and ideation, planning and markings of the proposals. This is an essential component of critical thinking. … Read More »Online Whiteboard