Organizational Barriers

The term “organizational barriers” refers to restrictions on employee communication that could lead to a company’s commercial failure. The major Organizational Barriers are listed below: Organizational Rules and Policies: Organizations frequently have policies governing the type of message, medium, and mode that should be used… Read More »Organizational Barriers


Oxbridge is a portmanteau word that is used to describe students who are studying in or are alumni of the schools of Oxford or Cambridge. The names Oxford and Cambridge are the ones that are mashed together to create this word. However, this brings up… Read More »Oxbridge

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a treatment that provides assistance to people with disability or injuries to seamlessly do their day-to-day activities. It helps the patients to adapt to their surroundings with the help of assistive devices. There are situations where students have some injuries or disabilities… Read More »Occupational Therapy

Oral exam

In an oral exam, the teacher asks questions to their students in a spoken form. The oral exam is a very common type of examination that is conducted in schools, colleges, and universities. Oral exams are also known as viva exams. In this form of… Read More »Oral exam


An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which two or more words that contradict one another are used together. Oxymorons are very commonly used in poems or any literary work for that matter. Moreover, we do use oxymorons in our daily lives. When two… Read More »Oxymoron


Ordinary language philosophy, also known as OLP philosophy,  is a philosophical methodology that makes use of traditional philosophical problems rooted in misunderstandings that philosophers develop by forgetting or distorting how words are generally used to convey meaning in non-philosophical contexts. Such philosophical uses of language… Read More »OLP

Operations Research

Operations research, often shortened to the abbreviation OR, is a discipline that deals with the application and development of advanced analytical methods for the improvement of decision-making. It is also sometimes referred to as a subfield of mathematical sciences and is also sometimes called management… Read More »Operations Research


An orthography is a set of conventions used for writing a language, which includes norms of hyphenation, capitalization, spelling, word breaks, punctuation, and emphasis. Most transnational languages in today’s world have a system of writing, and most of these systems have undergone a huge amount… Read More »Orthography

Online MBA Courses

Online MBA courses are a form of distance learning program that provides students with the knowledge of business administration and management. Students can opt for this course anywhere and everywhere because they do not need to attend regular classes. Moreover, it is perfectly suited for… Read More »Online MBA Courses

Observational Study

An observational study is one that draws inferences from a small sample of a population where the independent variable is not under the control of the researcher due to logistical constraints or ethical concerns. A common observational study that is conducted is about the possible… Read More »Observational Study