Online School

Online SchoolThe 21st century is all about being skilled and tech savvy. Not online shopping malls, grocery shops, or clinics, but also schools have shifted online. The world is slowly moving towards digitization in all the senses. Be it ordering groceries online or getting medicines… Read More »Online School


OSEPA According to OSEPA, education is the most significant weapon for social, economic, and political reform, as well as a critical component in the construction of a just society. In the twenty-first century, a well-educated populace with the necessary information, attitudes, and abilities is critical… Read More »OSEPA

Online Learning Licence

Online Learning LicenceStudents should know how to get an online learning licence. Getting an online learning licence is not a difficult task. Students can easily get an online learning licence after doing some research. A well-designed lesson for online teaching that promotes student learning, retention,… Read More »Online Learning Licence

Open Door Education

An academic open-door policy, also known as an open door education, is a program if a university agrees to admit students without asking for proof of prior education, experience, or certifications. Usually, tuition payment (or financial aid) is all that is required to enroll. Colleges… Read More »Open Door Education

OMR Sheet

All students should know how to fill an OMR sheet. Most of the entrance exams require students to fill the OMR sheet. Optical mark recognition or we can say OMR sheet is widely used in competitions, where graded multiple choice question answers are there. Candidates… Read More »OMR Sheet

Online Exams

There is a need to prepare for the online exams in the same way as offline exams.  Create a schedule that includes the time between now and the test date. Create proper plans that will include how to prepare, what topics need to be covered,… Read More »Online Exams

Observational Skills

Observational Skills Observational skills refer to the capacity to perceive, understand, and recall your environment using all five senses. Because it helps you to be present and aware of the nuances of your daily life, this practice is frequently related to mindfulness. Here are a… Read More »Observational Skills

Online Tutoring Jobs

Online Tutoring JobsOnline learning has benefitted many people by providing online tutoring jobs, many people got great job opportunities. Tutors were also able to build their careers with the help of online tutoring jobs. Online tutors study class material, they assist students to solve questions… Read More »Online Tutoring Jobs