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Off the Job Training Methods

Off the job training methods provide training to workers at a place away from the office. The training center can be near or away from the workplace. The training centers are made at a place that avoids workplace distractions and helps a candidate understand the work environment better. 

However, many people have observed that off the job training methods are not as reliable as on the job training. In an on the job training method, candidates learn better. Moreover, they are more likely to understand the challenges associated with their job. Off the job training methods use lecture videos, case studies, role play, and stimulation to provide the required information. 


The characteristics of this training method are:

  • Off the job training methods are organized systematically
  • The programs are created to add values to a learner’s life
  • It is often formal method of training
  • It may not be based on experience
  • Trainees may not be much motivated

Some training methods that may show effective results include:

  • Classroom lectures

Classroom method or lecture method is a common way that provides off the job training. In this method, workers are provided with live lectures. An instructor tell them about their work responsibilities using the lecture. 

  • Audio-visual

Instructors provide training to workers using films, television, videos, and presentations. This method can help workers understand their task in detail.

  • Simulation 

It is the most famous method of training an individual. An instructor creates an artificial environment to provide training to individuals. Trainees are trained using designed equipment or machines that are used in the job. 

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