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What is Open University

What is Open University?

An open university is an academic institution with low or no entry requirements. These universities offer higher education opportunities to students with low scores in undergraduate courses. If a student has not scored well in the undergraduate course, they can take admission to open universities and pursue higher education. However, before taking admission to these universities, they must learn what is open university. 

A university of this kind provides distance learning opportunities to students. As a result, it is beneficial for students who face challenges attending regular classes. Students do not need to travel to any physical location to avail the classes. The courses are taught online and the course material is sent to the students’ homes. These universities are set up with the goal to provide uniform education to every student and help in their holistic development. Moreover, students willing to take up a new career can also take advantage of open universities. 

The history of these universities dates back to 1970 when the first university was established in England. The Open University UK was created to help students pursue their higher education. Since then, other countries have also recognized the importance of quality education for all students. However, candidates must not confuse the difference between open and distance universities. Both universities provide online degrees to students, but distance universities have different admission criteria for students. 

Some of the best open universities in India are:

  • NSOU

Interested candidates can take admission to the universities mentioned above to continue their learning process. However, first they need to understand what is open university. 

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