Traditionally, a manuscript was any document that was written by hand (or once typewriters became available, typewritten) when compared to mechanically printed or reproduced in some indirect or automated way. However, the term has recently come to be understood to further include any typed, written,… Read More »Manuscript

Mass Communication

The process of imparting and distributing knowledge to wide parts of the public via mass media is known as mass communication. It is most commonly associated with various forms of media since its technologies are utilized for the spread of information, which includes journalism and… Read More »Mass Communication

MLA Full Form

MLA full form stands for Machine Learning Algorithm. Machine learning is a category of approaches for constructing models from data automatically. The engines of machine learning are machine learning algorithms, which are the algorithms that convert a data set into a model. Algorithms can be… Read More »MLA Full Form

MAT Exam

The MAT exam first came into existence in 1988 to help business schools screen eligible candidates for admission. Students can get admission to the prestigious management schools in India through this exam. However, the test was adopted as a national level test in 2003 by… Read More »MAT Exam

Mini Drafter

A mini drafter is an instrument that can be used for several functions in drawing. It has two arms that are adjustable to the required angle and at the lower arm’s end, a scale set is attached. The scale set contains two scales connected perpendicular… Read More »Mini Drafter

Multilingual Meaning

Multilingual meaning  Being multilingual meaning knowing more than one language is a quite useful skill to have in today’s world. Being multilingual is not just limited to speaking international languages like Spanish or Chinese with English, it can just mean knowing more than one language,… Read More »Multilingual Meaning


MLL stands for Master of Laws and is a postgraduate degree for anyone willing to get a deeper understanding of the law and its related fields. A candidate holding an undergraduate academic law degree, a professional law degree, or an undergraduate degree in the related… Read More »MLL


Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that is involved in the study of the following: The core nature of reality,  The first principles of being Identity and change Space and time Causality Necessity Possibility. Metaphysics deals with questions regarding consciousness and the relationship between substance… Read More »Metaphysics


MPSOS (Madhya Pradesh School of Open Learning) provides open education to students all over Madhya Pradesh. Open schooling is a flexible system of providing education where candidates are showered with various opportunities to learn. To facilitate learning and provide an enriched learning environment to students,… Read More »MPSOS

Material Science

Material science, also referred to as material science and engineering, is an interdisciplinary field that covers the design and discovery of new materials, especially solids. The intellectual origins of material science begins during the Age of Enlightenment when researchers started to use the thought process… Read More »Material Science