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Model Activity Task

The model activity task is a type of homework that contains a set of questions that are given to all students, ranging from Preprimary school all the way up to Class 12 by the West Bengal Education Department so that students make use of the COVID-19 period while staying at home. The students are provided with three sets of questions for each subject. After solving or answering those questions, they were supposed to submit them to their respective teachers when school reopens.

This was an effective way of keeping students active and in touch with their lessons and not forgetting them by the time school reopened. The West Bengal Education Board arranged a wide array of question sets for school-going students for the same reason. On the Banglar Shikha website, Model activity task question sets have been uploaded in Bengali, Hindi, and English – making it accessible to almost all students in India. Furthermore, this can help students acquire more knowledge in their free time if they are interested, which can, in turn, help them in exams that are due after the school reopens. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology