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Misnomer stands for a wrong or inaccurate name or designation given to a person. It arises when you give a name to something and later you find a change in its characteristic or correct nature. Moreover, a change in the earlier form of something is also known as a misnomer. In addition, if someone uses a word incorrectly or misleadingly, it is also defined as a misnomer. 


Some of the sources that may define this term are:

  • If the older name is retained for a long time even if the real identity of an object or creature is revealed, it can be termed as a misnomer. 
  • Transference of a well-known product brand name are also the examples of misspelled words.
  • An unfamiliar name


The use of wrong name or phrase for an article or person is also known as misnomer. For example, calling a farmer a peasant is not acceptable and can be defined a mispelled name. Another example for this term is the name of the country Greenland because the massive part of the country is covered with snow for most parts of the year. Likewise, Iceland is a country full of greenery. The term has also many synonyms defined by words like inaccuracy, misname, and misleading terms. 

Having the knowledge of the right term can help you avoid using inappropriate words at the appropriate time. To know more about this term, students can look for its origin and how the term was coined. Moreover, getting an idea of where it was used first will also help them. 

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