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Media Studies

Media studies is a discipline that deals with the content and history of mass media. It has different elements consisting of some aspects of humanities and social sciences. However, mostly its core disciplines are targeted to mass communication, communication, communication sciences, and communication studies. Researchers working in the field of media studies may apply concepts and theories from other disciplines like cultural studies, rhetoric, philosophy, literary theory, psychology, political science, political economy, economics, sociology, and film and information theory. 

Media studies soon became a subject of interest and many students wanted to make a career in this field. To obey the demands of students, the first media studies M.A. program was launched in the United States by John Culkin. The program was introduced in The New School in 1975. This program was considered successful as more than 2,000 students underwent the course and got their degrees. Later, Culkin founded the Center for Understanding Media. The significance of media studies also expanded to other countries outside the United States. Later, Australia also introduced this subject as a course and now the subject is taught widely in various schools and colleges. It was first developed as an area of study in the Victorian universities. 

The course offers bright career opportunities to students and help in the development of their intellect. Moreover, they understand the history, content, and other crucial aspects of media through this course. After completing this course, students may make journalism and other aspects of media as their career.

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