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Memo Meaning

Memo meaning 

Memo meaning is nothing but memorandum. It is a written message that is generally used in a professional setting. It is often abbreviated as a memo from memorandum, these messages are typically brief and designed to be easily and quickly understood. Memos can hence communicate important information efficiently as a means of making dynamic and effective changes.

A memorandum is also used in law as a record of the terms of a transaction or contract, like:

  • A policy memo
  • Memorandum of understanding
  • Memorandum of agreement, or
  • Memorandum of association

In business, a memo is generally used by firms for internal communication, whereas letters are used for external communication. Other memorandum formats include 

  • Briefing notes
  • Reports
  • Letters
  • Binders

These are considered grey literature. Memorandum formatting can vary from office to office and from institution to institution. There are several uses of a memorandum. Bringing notice to problems, and helping solve a problem via clear and concise communication are the main two. Memos help support decision-making and help decision-makers make a better decision in a particular situation than they might otherwise have made without analysis.

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