Masters Degree

Masters degree A master’s degree is an academic qualification granted at the postgraduate level to individuals who have successfully undergone study demonstrating a high level of expertise in a specific field of study or area of professional practice. Masters degree takes about two years to complete. A… Read More »Masters Degree

Mastery Based Learning

Mastery based learning is a great Instructional approach. In this type of learning students need to demonstrate a deep level of understanding of a topic or subject area before moving to another topic or subject area. Through it, students must attain a given level set… Read More »Mastery Based Learning

Muddiest Point

Muddiest Point The Muddiest point is an easy and fast monitoring technique. In this students are asked to write the most difficult to understand or somewhat confusing parts of a lecture, reading, or lesson. It is not time-consuming and a  simple process. 100 muddiest points… Read More »Muddiest Point

Meaning of Life Skills

Meaning of life skills? A lot of people ask what is the meaning of life skills and why are they important. Life skills refer to a set of skills acquired by learning and teaching that experiences the problem solving and solution-oriented approach towards life. They… Read More »Meaning of Life Skills

Maxims of teaching

The maxims of teaching are a set of statements that experienced teachers have put forward. These maxims are universal facts and are accepted throughout the globe. When a teacher understands the maxims effectively, the teaching gets more systematic and efficient. To put it in a… Read More »Maxims of teaching

MSc Full Form

MSc Full Form MSc Full Form is one the most asked questions on google and the question asking MSc full form is many times seen in the question paper of the competitive exams as well. Let’ know more about MSc full form, MSc stands for… Read More »MSc Full Form

Mobile Apps

Traits of Mobile Apps Today we live in an online world where we need the best apps for providing online classes. Further, the flexible learning system has provided us with an over environment to take online live courses. However, some online live class apps do… Read More »Mobile Apps

Mobile Teacher App

A mobile teacher app is an app that helps teachers conduct classes online. It is an app that converts smartphones into virtual classrooms where students can learn and study with ease. The mobile teacher app makes conducting live courses easy. These apps encourage children to… Read More »Mobile Teacher App

Micro Teaching

What is Micro teaching? It is said that when one teaches, two learn! Teaching is not an easy profession. The effect that teachers have on students can never be sidelined. Teaching is a complex process and teachers need a wide set of skills to be… Read More »Micro Teaching