Micro Teaching

What is Micro teaching? It is said that when one teaches, two learn! Teaching is not an easy profession. The effect that teachers have on students can never be sidelined. Teaching is a complex process and teachers need a wide set of skills to be… Read More »Micro Teaching

Model Education

The process of teaching and learning have changed in a big way with time. Model education refers to a preferred model of education by the teacher to assist the highest level of teaching and retention of information within their students.  The change in human needs… Read More »Model Education

Mode of Study

Mode of study refers to the student’s status i.e., full-time study or part-time study, etc. There are different types of courses designed to suit students’ requirements, thanks to the number of study modes available in the educational domain. The study mode has added flexibility in… Read More »Mode of Study

Multicultural Education

Multicultural education refers to giving equal educational opportunities to students, irrespective of their religion, class, caste, creed, race, and ethnicity. In general, the said type of education is based on the principle of educational equality, with a motive to remove all restrictions over educational opportunities… Read More »Multicultural Education

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education is responsible for the execution of the National Education Policy in the country. It was previously called the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The Ministry of Education’s mission is to enhance the education standards in the country by adding advanced teaching… Read More »Ministry of Education

Multiple Measures

Multiple measures are a variety of measures or indicators used to measure the extent of student learning. Using these multiple measures, instructors collect data within and across subject areas multiple times to deduce whether they are ready to move to the next level. Measures for… Read More »Multiple Measures

Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligences is a theory that proposes the differentiation of human intelligence into certain modalities of intelligence. This theory goes against the norm of defining intelligence using a single, general ability. However, the theory has been criticized for its lack of empirical evidence.  Howard Gardner… Read More »Multiple Intelligences

Multisensory Teaching

Multisensory teaching is a method of instruction that engages more than one sense at a time. These teaching techniques are often used for children with learning differences. But it can benefit students of all ages and intelligence.  While learning, kids often rely on pictures and… Read More »Multisensory Teaching


Motivation is defined as a process which initiates an action or provides guidance in a process. It can also refer to having a strong desire to achieve something which can be encouraged by certain incentives. It promotes or encourages goal or action-oriented behavior. In the… Read More »Motivation


MOOC stands for a massive open online course; a virtual program targeted to gain uncounted participation. It has open access via the internet.  As compared to the traditional course materials that include filmed lectures, problem sets, and reading; a majority of MOOCs offer interactive courses.… Read More »MOOC