Multiple Assessment

Multiple assessment, also known as multi-assessments, refer to the use of various methods to evaluate student learning and progress. In traditional educational systems, students are typically assessed through exams and quizzes, which are limited in their ability to accurately measure a student’s understanding of a… Read More »Multiple Assessment


MBA in IT offers entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders a general understanding of the management of people, security, and the general business world of e-commerce. An individual who has an MBA in Information Technology is advantaged in today’s competitive business market because this PG course offers… Read More »MBA in IT

Media Literacy

Media literacy is the ability by which we decode the messages that we see through different media. In a world where media is ruling and has become a part of our lives, it is imperative that we acquire media literacy. Media literacy enables us to… Read More »Media Literacy

MLA Format

If you are a student or researcher belonging to the field of humanities, you might be familiar with the term MLA format. If you aren’t, you will be, soon! As you already know, one cannot complete his/her formal education without completing their dissertation or project… Read More »MLA Format


Morphology is a part of linguistics, that deals with the structure and form of words. The term morphology is derived from Greek and is a combination of two terms i.e., ‘morph’ and ‘ology’.  The term ‘morph’ means ‘form’ and the term ‘ology’ means ‘the study… Read More »Morphology


MERU full form – Multidisciplinary Education and Research University The National Education Policy 2020 seeks to establish an advanced model of public universities called MERU. It is going to transform the way education is acquired and perceived at a university level. Moreover, it has the… Read More »MERU

Master of Design

 The Master of Design, also known by its abbreviation MDes, is a postgraduate degree in the field of design. It is given by higher education institutions all over the world. The field of design is constantly changing, and careers in design call for a combination… Read More »Master of Design

Masters in Data Science

Data science is a dynamic field that is currently becoming increasingly valuable to several companies – small, large, and mid-size. From the act of capturing data to the communication of the results, data scientists play a very important role in helping businesses make strategic decisions… Read More »Masters in Data Science