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KITE Kerala

Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) is a state-owned special-purpose company run by the Kerala government’s education department. KITE Kerala was created to support ICT-enabled education in Kerala schools. In August 2017, the former IT@School Project was renamed KITE to broaden its scope of… Read More »KITE Kerala


Parents considering enrolling their children in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) should review the detailed Kendriya Vidyalaya fee structure. KVS has a centralised mechanism for collecting school fees. The KV fee structure shown on this page is followed by all KVS schools in India. Students must… Read More »KVS Fee


The Karnataka Common Entrance Test, more popularly referred to as KCET, is regulated by Karnataka Examination Authority or KEA for short. It is conducted for admission towards professional courses such as : Engineering Technology Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharma) Diploma in Pharmacy (DPharma) Agriculture courses (Farm… Read More »KCET


Kaizen is a Japanese term that refers to continuous improvement. It is based on the idea that small changes in everyday routine or ways of carrying out a procedure can bring out significant changes over time. Kaizen was first introduced in the manufacturing industry where… Read More »Kaizen


The KEAM Entrance Exam stands for Kerala Engineering Architecture and Medical entrance exam. Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical (KEAM) is an entrance exam series for the admissions to several professional degree courses in the state of Kerala, India. Conducted by the Office of the Commissioner of… Read More »KEAM

Know How

Know how is an informal way of referring to procedural knowledge. It is also known as practical knowledge, imperative knowledge, or performative knowledge. Know how refers to the knowledge exercised in the performance of some task. Different from descriptive knowledge, which is also known as… Read More »Know How

Knowledge Economy

The knowledge economy also known as a knowledge-based economy, is an economic system where the production of goods and services is based mainly on knowledge-intensive activities that help contribute to the advancement of technical and scientific innovation. The key element of value in a knowledge… Read More »Knowledge Economy

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing is an activity where knowledge in the form of information, expertise, or skills, is exchanged among families, friends, peers, online or offline communities, or within/between organizations. It acts as a bridge between individual and organizational knowledge, hence improving the innovation and absorptive capacity,… Read More »Knowledge Sharing

Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology