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Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing is an activity where knowledge in the form of information, expertise, or skills, is exchanged among families, friends, peers, online or offline communities, or within/between organizations. It acts as a bridge between individual and organizational knowledge, hence improving the innovation and absorptive capacity, hence leading to the sustained competitive advantage of companies as well as individuals. It is, hence, part of the whole knowledge management process.

Apart from traditional knowledge sharing (which is done face-to-face), social media is a great tool because it is efficient, widely used, and, in effect, convenient. Organizations of all flavors have recognized that knowledge is inherently an intangible asset for sustaining and creating competitive advantages. However, technology is only one of the many factors that affect this phenomenon in organizations. Other factors include trust, incentives, and organizational culture among others. The exchange of knowledge is a huge challenge in the field of knowledge management because some employees resist sharing their knowledge with the rest of the organization, whatever may be the reason.

In the digital arena, websites and mobile applications help the sharing of knowledge, or even talent sharing, between individuals and/or within teams. Individuals can easily reach the people who want to learn and share their talent to even get rewarded for the same. 

Different methods of the sharing of knowledge include communities of practice, workgroups, interest groups, mentoring, digital forums, chat rooms, image boards, and so on. Teachmint offers a wide range of knowledge resources as well in the form of notes, lecture videos, and other learning materials. Click here to access it right away!

Teachmint offers educational infrastructure to institutes to make their task easier. With our tools like fee management system, we take care of daily administrative tasks so you can focus on providing the best learning experience to students. Explore our website to know more about our offerings like lms portal.  

Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology