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Indirect Instruction

Indirect instruction is a student-centered learning approach where students observe, inquire, and practice to solve their problems. This instruction requires high-order thinking and comprehension skills in students. 

Unlike the traditional teaching approach, where the teacher provides direct instruction to the students, in Indirect Instruction, teachers act as indirect support. They encourage students to use their analytical skills and understand the topic or problem in their own hands.

This form of instruction strengthens observation, comprehensive, and analytical skills of those involved in it. The student self evaluates the results and thinks about the alternate solutions to the problem rather than relying on a single one. Of course, teachers back the students indirectly by giving their insights on the outcome.

Various case studies also form part of the Indirect Instruction curriculum. Here students try to draw similar life experiences and relate to understanding the problem better. This helps in inculcating a problem-solving ability from a very young age among students. They think and understand before acting rashly in the various common situations confronted

For Instance, this type of Instruction is incorporated during group discussions and debates. Here, a group of students think about the topic given and then discuss the outcome among themselves to determine the best solution possible. 

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