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Inclusion in Education

Inclusion in Education is an education system wherein every student irrespective of their gender, caste, religion, culture, and physical attributes, study together in mainstream schools, colleges, and other similar educational institutions. Under Inclusion in Education, a differently-abled student studies the same curriculum under a common roof with a normal student.

Some schools are fully inclusive, they no longer differentiate between special education and general education. These schools are completely driven to inculcate similar educational values among their students. Every student is the same on the educational front for Inclusion in Education schools. Being in the same classroom and mingling with kids of the same age will help everyone.

This inclusion helps students with disabilities and other special needs to be more socially interactive and have an enhanced social personality in the future. The main idea of inclusion in education is for every student to feel included in all school activities.

Inclusive practices, under Inclusion in Education, are various methods and techniques that schools adopt for all learners to make education common and accessible. 

For example:
  • A dyslexic student can be asked to study the syllabus using audiobooks rather than textbooks. They can also excel immensely in physical education subjects.
  • Sign language can be added as an optional subject for those interested. This will encourage and empower those with hearing disabilities.
  • Someone with polio or other leg disabilities can take part in various societies.

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