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Independent Study

Independent Study is a form of education under which a student is expected to research and study a topic independently with little to no supervision is provided by the guardian or teacher. An Independent Study can be on a topic pre-decided by teachers and students with limited guidelines. A specific number of academic credits is also determined beforehand. It allows a certain amount of freedom since they are not bound by classroom rules.

This form of study can benefit students in a lot of ways. The topic is explored and researched deeply with undivided attention. This results in actual learning which may be absent in traditional ways of learning.

Studying independently is an amazing chance to learn about the various education modes other than the traditional form of education, where students and teachers are in direct contact. People can also get a gist of distance education, where both are physically away and learning takes place online or through study materials offline.

Many schools put two or three students together to conduct an Independent Study. Then they are asked to present the same in the form of a research paper or presentation, which is then graded by the faculty/supervisor. Some schools also let the student decide upon a topic of their interest as an Independent Study. This motivates the student to practice their interests. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology