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Individualized Instruction

Individualized Instruction is where students’ personal needs are prioritized more than the teachers’ teaching practices. With individualized instruction, everything is focused on students’ abilities. By everything, it means, all teaching practices, including the content studied, the technology of teaching, and the pace of learning. These teaching practices are adjusted exactly as per individual student’s grasping abilities.

Individualized Instruction refers to how teachers and instructors use various resources, strategies, and assessments to cater to the different learning abilities of the students. This process aims to provide the students with the most appropriate and flexible learning system that entails students’ academic growth. It focuses intensively on making the students learn how they want to learn. 

The five basic steps to enable this form of instruction in a classroom are as follows-

Step 1 – Set clear teaching objectives.

Step 2 – Your objectives should be made realistic.

Step 3 – The objectives should be made dynamic and reviewed at regular intervals.

Step 4 – Students should be given the freedom to track their growth.

Step 5 – Engage academic advisors, instructors, and parents, to back students when necessary.

Individualized Instruction focuses majorly on individual student’s needs. The teaching skills involved in this process is very specific and dependent on the learner’s understanding abilities. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology