Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a broader term for Information Technology (IT). It includes products that store, process, transmit, convert, duplicate or receive information electronically. All these can be done through various devices to easing the process of digital communication.  Information and communication technology… Read More »ICT

Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry-based learning is an active form of learning, where the emphasis is given to the role of the learner/student in the learning process. This type of learning implies asking questions, doubts about various problems and scenarios by the student. Inquiry-based learning is a striking contrast… Read More »Inquiry-Based Learning

Interactive Whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard is a smartboard that is either a standalone interactive screen or an interactive display board, that projects the contents of the computer with the help of a projector. These whiteboards are gaining popularity in many countries and are found in diverse settings,… Read More »Interactive Whiteboard


The term “Intelligence” is studied in human beings for years, but in the case of non-human animals and plants, there is a debate going on whether they have some form of IQ or not. It is termed in many words, such as logic, learning, emotional knowledge,… Read More »Intelligence


Instructor refers to someone whose job is to teach people practical skills. Instructors help individuals in attaining skills in a variety of fields. To maintain professional credibility, the instructors need to update themselves now and then with advanced knowledge. This helps them in becoming good… Read More »Instructor

Instructional Theory

Instructional Theory refers to the theory that offers crystal clear guidance about helping people learn and develop in a better way. The theory identifies clearly ideal instructions and teaching methods. The teaching strategies are formed in a way that the educator can quickly adopt the… Read More »Instructional Theory


IQ, an acronym for Intelligence Quotient, refers to measuring a person’s fluid and crystallised intelligence through a test designed to reflect a person’s life skills and cognitive skills. Fluid intelligence is reflected as the ability of problem-solving or logic, while crystallised intelligence involves a person’s… Read More »IQ

Intrinsic Motivation

The two main types of motivation in psychology are intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is the most crucial concept in developmental psychology, which majorly involves deep exploration and curiosity.  It is the act of doing any activity without expecting any external rewards in… Read More »Intrinsic Motivation

Interdisciplinary Teaching

Interdisciplinary teaching refers to integrating and using different types of teaching methods and analytical frameworks to examine a theme, topic, issue, or question. It is all about bringing different disciplines together on common themes or problems.  Interdisciplinary teaching is different from multi or cross-disciplinary education… Read More »Interdisciplinary Teaching

Instructional Technology

The term Instructional Technology refers to multiple opportunities for cooperative learning. Instructional Technology is mainly the practice of using technology for educational reasons. While Information Technology is a broad-based term familiar to the business community, Instructional Technology is a little more uncertain.  It applies intellectual… Read More »Instructional Technology