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The term “Intelligence” is studied in human beings for years, but in the case of non-human animals and plants, there is a debate going on whether they have some form of IQ or not. It is termed in many words, such as logic, learning, emotional knowledge, IQ, critical thinking, and creativity.

It is described as the ability to collect information, store it in your mind as knowledge and apply it as and when needed according to the environment and circumstances. 

There are different perspectives about how this is measured as it changes along with an individual’s mindset and efforts. Nowadays, it is found in machines and is known as artificial intelligence (AI). 

It is seen in most of the computer systems using different programs or hardware. Intelligence is the ability to respond quickly to a situation. Intelligence is not a cognitive or mental process but rather a combination of these processes ideally. 

It is not just a single ability but a practical and collective drawing of multiple abilities altogether. At various points of time in history, researchers have given different definitions of the said term. The most recent definition of the term says that it can learn from experience, recognize problems, and solve problems. 

Intelligence testing has emerged as the most important tool for measuring a person’s IQ and giving accurate outcomes. Various researchers have explained the nature of intelligence, and many theories have been proposed. 

General, Primary Mental Abilities, Theory of Multiple Intelligence, Triarchic Theory of Intelligence are some of the important theories during the last 100 years. 

The analytical one is the ability to evaluate information and solve problems. Creative one is all about coming up with new and innovative ideas for the proposed problem. The practical one is about how you adapt yourself to a new and changing environment.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology