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Interschool is a term used to signify an event occurring between two or more schools. It is mostly used to refer to a sport or creative tournament between different schools in India.  Interschool events can include schools from the same district, city, state, or country. 

The word, ‘Interschool’ was formed after clubbing the words inter, a Latin prefix (meaning among or between) and school together. It also pops up in academic rivalries, like an Interschool science team challenge or Interschool English club. 

In various parts of the world, there are also Interschool library programs that allow learners to borrow books from other school’s libraries. These competitions allow teachers and students from different backgrounds to come together and participate. It acts as a kind of motivation.

As a result, every individual gets more opportunity to showcase their skills. Moreover, participants gain substantial experience and have fun doing it. Another bonus is that students get to uncover personal aptitude and figure out what they enjoy. 

In addition to personal growth, inter events also instil a sense of collaboration and teamwork among the participants. From planning, organising, to strategising, students and teachers get to learn as a team. 

When it comes to these competitions, communication plays a vital role. Due to the coming together of individuals from different schools and backgrounds, these events allow participants to intermingle and communicate effectively despite the existing differences. 

These events are also responsible for facilitating the growth mindset in young learners while helping them develop the ability to handle the pressure. All these learnings and experiences help them in their adult lives as well.  

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