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Inclusive Education

What is inclusive education?

As the name rightly suggests, inclusive education is the method of teaching all students in the same curriculum and in the same school regardless of differences.

Creating an inclusive school is easier said than done. It requires a lot of effort and dedication and it is all worth it. Here are four amazing tips that are sure to work while creating an inclusive school.

1.Collaboration between Teachers

Teachers cannot function as independent systems when you are creating an inclusive school. Teachers need to collaborate with each other to discuss various teaching methods and strategies. More often than not, their hands might be full and a collaborative mindset is what will help them achieve success. As mentioned, there might be different kinds of students in an inclusive classroom and when teachers feel a sense of shared responsibility, it is easier to handle the classroom and the students. They need to sit together and come up with lesson plans and strategies that would work.

2.Communicate with the families

It is impossible to create an inclusive school without being in constant touch with the parents. The parents would know their children better and connecting with them constantly will help you better understand if the methods that you are incorporating are working or not. It will also help you devise better plans because you have a chance to understand the students better. Inclusive education is a great way to increase the social skills of students and when you do it right, there is nothing like it!

3.Multi Level Instruction

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to make sure that the materials are not standardized. The study materials must be designed such that it caters to all the different abilities and needs of the different kinds of students in the classroom. You should address the multiple levels of abilities in the classroom. Directing instruction just to a narrow span will not work in an inclusive classroom.

4.Create a Strong Supportive Community

If you are shifting towards building an inclusive classroom or an inclusive school, teachers will need a strong support system. You can seek the help of volunteer groups or other support groups to help your teachers. You can appoint specialists in the school to understand the needs of your students in a better manner.

An inclusive atmosphere helps to enhance the social and community skills of the students. Students feel included and there is more tolerance. Need not mention the great advantage that comes out of the support system. It also helps to make great behavioral changes. An inclusive education system is built on one major principle and that is creating the best space for children. Inclusive education is a step towards democratization of education and is closely aligned with the vision of Teachmint to democratize online education.

Teachmint offers scalable Integrated School Platform to educational organizations. With the help of this system, institutes can take care of their processes from a single platform. For example, they can use the school management system to streamline the academic and non-academic processes. Likewise, the lms portal offers a customized teaching-learning experience to teachers and students.

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