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Hybrid Class

Hybrid class incorporates active learning with traditional classroom learning. In this form of learning, students become active participants in approximately half of the learning process. This allows them to interact with the teaching methods. The whole course combines traditional, physical face to face classes and online activities.

The Hybrid Class’s purpose is to integrate the best features of online methods and physical teaching to complement each other. New-age technologies like virtual classrooms  and virtual learning environments have allowed the teacher to conduct hybrid classes. Virtual classes give the opportunity to actively engage with the information and knowledge being provided to the students. 

The active interaction involved in Hybrid Class gives it an upper hand over purely traditional teaching method based classes. It reduces the seat time in a physical classroom for both the students and the teachers. It allows students’ development by stimulating their cognitive ability while taking advantage of both traditional and online teaching methods. 

Students can become an active part by reading, writing or simply discussing the project at hand, or listening to the face to face physical lectures. It’s not only about learning through lecture-based classes but also taking into means online learning activities that reduce time and increase engagement. 

For example: Teachers can divide the longer content into shorter videos for better understanding and students can watch it in their remote days. In class sessions can be held to solve doubts regarding the video lessons.

Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology