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Hidden Curriculum

A hidden curriculum is what students learn from school, apart from the academic curriculum in regular classes; especially the break times in the school are a vital part of the hidden curriculum.

The curriculum’s hidden description is mostly unexamined, or even unacknowledged by teachers, the community, and even the students. The value of these hidden lessons is it is the most commonly accepted status quo. And that is the reason that they remain unchanged, even if it contributes to undesirable behaviours. It includes bullying and conflicts among others to be the reason for low graduation, because of fewer college enrollment rates.

But the brighter side of this curriculum is that students learn how to interact with peers, teachers, and society. They learn life skills. They also perceive distinct races, groups, classes of people, ideas, and acceptable or unacceptable behaviors. The hidden curriculum even extends to a formal curriculum that gets ignored, overlooked, or disparaged by educators and the system. 

Hidden curriculum sometimes may be as influential as the formative curriculum. What schools do not teach may end up being more important than what they teach in school.

By nature, this type of curriculum is obscure and unacknowledged, making it difficult to perceive or measure its lessons or messages. But in the past few decades, the curriculum concept gets widely discussed, recognized, and addressed by educators and school leaders.

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