Humanities Stream

The Arts stream or we can say the Humanities stream is a very popular and diverse stream for students after 10th grade. This course is great for students with theoretical knowledge. There are subjects like history, geography, political science, psychology, sociology, languages, etc. Traditionally, arts… Read More »Humanities Stream

Hindi Day

Hindi is a very beautiful language, half of the Indian population speaks Hindi. Hindi Day is celebrated across India on September 14. The Hindi language is very old and has a direct line of evolution towards Sanskrit. As such, it is part of one of… Read More »Hindi Day

Hindi Notes

Students are often confused about how to make Hindi notes. There is a need to understand how Hindi notes are prepared to score well in it. This may sound pretty basic, but all of the note-taking materials must be organized and ready for use before… Read More »Hindi Notes

Higher Education

Let us begin with the meaning of the term Higher Education. Truth be told, there is no straightforward meaning for advanced or higher education. The global meaning of tertiary (post-school) instruction is divided into two different sections. A- Higher and B -Further. A higher capability… Read More »Higher Education

History Notes

History NotesMany students face difficulty while studying, if they make notes while studying they will not face such difficulties. History notes will help students to score good marks and improve their percentage. Many students will be confused about how they need to make history notes… Read More »History Notes

Home Tuition

Home tuition means a tuition teacher or private tutor coming to the home of the student to teach specific subjects. Students are free to choose the timings and the day they want for home tutoring sessions. In today’s competitive scenario, every learner requires to perform… Read More »Home Tuition


Headmasters The principals of a private school are often referred to as Headmasters. They take care of the school and take all the decisions about the functioning of the school. They guide the staff regularly, attend meetings and discuss school activities. People are many times… Read More »Headmasters