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Hindi Alphabets

Hindi Alphabets What is number of alphabets in the Hindi language or how many Hindi alphabets are there in the Hindi language, these are the few frequently asked questions on the internet. Since, Hindi is one of the most ancient languages in the world, people… Read More »Hindi Alphabets

How Many Attempts for NEET

How Many Attempts for NEET Applicants must review their eligibility requirements before completing the NEET  application. Applicants will not be able to complete the NEET application if they do not meet the legal requirements. Eligibility for the  -NEET exam is determined by the 1997 Graduate… Read More »How Many Attempts for NEET

Hindi Essay

Hindi Essay What is Hindi essay and w hat are some good ways to write a good essay in Hindi? An Hindi essay is the part of the Hindi curriculum for the students in school. Some colleges, or higher level exams also have essay writing… Read More »Hindi Essay

Hindi Literature

Hindi Literature is one of the oldest literatures of India. Hindi literature is considered to be the home of very rich and beautiful works of all times. Bhartendu Harishchandra born on 9 September is the father of Hindi language. In modern India, Harishchandra is considered the father… Read More »Hindi Literature

Hall Ticket

Hall Ticket Hall ticket is considered to be one of the most important documents requires to appear for any examination. Students are advised to carry their hall ticket to the examination center. There are various other names by which hall ticket is know. The most… Read More »Hall Ticket


HBSEAll the students of Haryana must know about the Haryana board of school education which is also known as HBSE. The state government of Haryana administers the Haryana board of school education. It takes care of the education system of schools of Haryana, it regulates… Read More »HBSE

Hindi teacher

A Hindi teacher is a teacher who has extensive knowledge of Hindi subjects. Students who want to become such professional should obtain a Bachelor of Education degree in Hindi. The Bachelor of Education in Hindi or B.Ed Hindi is a three-year undergraduate course aimed at… Read More »Hindi teacher