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How to become a government teacher?

There is a need to know how to become a government teacher for the students who want to get this job. Being a government teacher is a great job, most of the teachers want to be government teachers to get a better salary. Teachers need to know how to become a government teacher, the qualifications, eligibility criteria, and more should be known. There is a need to complete a bachelor of Education degree to apply for a government teaching job, it is a basic requirement. There should be at least 50% in B.Ed degree from an accredited university. Aspirants should always check the accreditation status of an academy on the official NCTE website. The Government of India has made it mandatory for government teachers to obtain a B.Ed by March 31, 2019, if they fail to do so; they may have to lose their jobs. Aspirants with the degree mentioned can also pursue a Bachelor of Education through Open and Distance Learning, through institutions such as IGNOU. To be eligible for the preschool teacher training program, applicants must have completed 10th grade with a good percentage. Kindergarten teacher training program / primary school teacher training program: class 12 with a minimum percentage of 45%. Master of Education  (M.Ed.) will help in getting better job opportunities which are done after B.Ed. 

Candidates will be provided with the government job according to state government policy or based on scores obtained on an eligibility test administered by the respective institutions for these courses. So students who are wishing to be a government teachers should work very hard to get the job because there is a lot of competition in teaching jobs, especially government jobs. Hope all the students have understood how to become a government teacher. 

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